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Date 14 Tir [1358] [5 July 1979]


Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Isfahan

Considering that the offender, Mr. Haydar-Ali Rowhani, son of Amin, birth certificate number [redacted], resident of Faridan in Isfahan, has been active in advancing the evil plans of the spying and anti-Islamic sect of Bahaism, as indicated in the file records, whose actions against Islam and the Muslim nation are proven and established; and who is currently on the run with his whereabouts unknown; and who has failed to appear when summoned; and did not appoint an attorney to represent him, pursuant to Islamic rules, principles and creditable Sharia jurisprudence; and in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Constitution, whose jurisdiction takes precedence over all principles, there is no consideration for the life and properties of combatant apostates.

Consequently, I believe [and am in favour of] ruling for the confiscation of all assets, movable or immovable, of the said offender and that they be [sold] after identification, with the proceeds to be used on housing needs of the respected families of martyrs, veterans and the disabled. The process, of course, must be in accordance with the provisions of Circular number 44/17470, dated 14 Shahrivar 1367 [5 September 1988]. This ruling also directs that the revenue made by the sale of his movable assets is to be allocated first and foremost to the families of martyrs and the disabled in the region. Subsequent to your honour’s approval, this order is final and enforceable, to be executed by the Enforcement of Orders Commission.

Judge of Branch 12 of the Judicial Board



In the Name of God

It has been reviewed.  All is correct.  Abdol-Karim Mousavi, 26 Bahman 1367 [15 February 1989]

This transcribed copy is equivalent to the original.

Manager of the Office of the Prosecutor or the Islamic Revolution in Faridan

Fakhari [signature]