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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Hawzah News Agency

[Date:] 25 Mordad 1395 [15 August 2016]


“The Documentary Be-Baha [Worthless]” is an Exploration of the Perverse Baha’i Sect

Hawzah – The Be Baha documentary, which has been produced in six 30-minute episode, is in fact an exploration of the characteristics of the perverse Baha’i sect.

According to Hawzah News Agency, the general directorate of Islamic Media Research, in line with the high goals of the Radio and Television of the [Islamic Republic of Iran], always try to pay attention to historical events with a media approach and by presenting media strategies, policies and programs to enlightenment, takes action on various issues.

The perverse Baha’i sect is one of those sects that has played mysterious roles in the history of Iran. Addressing this sect and expressing its characteristics can provide a basis for the national media audience to take a proper approach in dealing with such sects and understanding of the current situation of the Islamic world.

… This documentary contains a history of the formation of the perverse Baha’i sect by the colonialists, the current situation of its leaders, Baha’ism propaganda plans in various countries, Baha’i propaganda methods, and Baha’i activities in Iran.

The Be Baha documentary, produced by Hosein Asadizadeh and directed by Javad Yaghmouri, has been produced in the production unit of the general directorate of Islamic Media Research and is currently ready to be broadcast on one of the national networks.

It should be mentioned, about 160 years ago, the colonialists had repeatedly plundered the wealth of Islamic countries especially Iran, and after encountering fortified stronghold of Islam and Schiism, they began sectarianizing. Baha, with the unwavering support of the Russian and British colonizers, succeeded to become sacrificial heir, and after his exile to Iraq, in Turkey, he claimed to be a prophet and a deity, calling himself the god of the gods and founding a new Baha’i sect.