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[Adapted from website:] Hawzah News Agency

[Date:] 15 Mehr 1398 [7 October 2019]


By the efforts of the deputy for propaganda of Hawzah;

Criticism and Acquaintance Courses with Sects and Religions are Held

The Seminary – A special course on acquaintance with, critique and study of sects and religions has been organized by the management of sects and religions, the deputy of propaganda and cultural affairs for seminary students.

According to the Hawzah News Agency, the course on acquaintance with, critique and study of one of the disciplines of Baha’ism, Sufism, Ahl-i-Haqq[1], the matter of the Yamani claimant, Wahhabism, false mysticism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism has been organized especially for the seminary student brothers with the efforts of the department of propaganda and religions of the deputy for propaganda and cultural affairs of seminaries.

The conditions for enrolling in the courses of acquaintance with and critique of religions and sects is completion of the sixth grade of long-term seminaries, or passing 150 seminary courses of ambassadors of guidance, payment of 50,000 tomans into Account 1563035990 in the name of the Seminary Management Centre, and sending the image of the deposit receipt via ETA messenger to 09303360737.

The advantages of participating in the courses of acquaintance with and critique of religions and sects include the possibility of [being permitted to experience] long-term migration, the possibility of participating in supplementary courses and research projects, the possibility of membership in online advertising, and approval of the completion of the course, equivalent to four courses.

Eligible seminary students can refer to the online counter system of seminaries at http://login.ismc.ir until Monday, 27 Aban [18 November].

It is worth mentioning that the classes of this course will be held from Saturday, 2 Azar [23 November] to [Friday], 27 Dey [17 January] from 18:00 to 19:30 in Shahid Sadoughi Assembly, located at the end of Shahid Sadoughi Boulevard, Fajr St., Danesh Street, Phase 7 and Pardisan in the specialized centre of the speech of Imam Sadegh, located in Imam Sadegh Boulevard.

For more information, students can call the internal phone number 02537255890; internal




[1] [Ahl-i-Ḥaqq: Ahl-i-Ḥaqq or Yarisan is a syncretic religion. ‎Ahl-i-Ḥaqq "People of Truth" is a religious group primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, made up of  mostly ethnic Goran Kurds] http://www.ahle-haqq.com/