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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 20 Bahman 1363 – 18 Jumada I-Ula - 9 February 1985

[Issue No.:] 12377


The continuation of the interview with Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani…

…The speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in response to the question of the reporter of the Japanese Kyodo News Agency, regarding the validity of the activities of the Hojjatieh Society, despite the decree of the imam, as well as the punishment or non-punishment of the activists of this society said…

…Basically their most important role during the [shah’s regime] was to fight against the Baha’is, because the Americans ruled and Baha’ism was an American-Israeli current. So the Baha’i community had become quite active. At that time, the Hojjatieh Society was only fighting against the Baha’is, hoping it could be done peacefully.

For example, the shah’s personal physician was a Baha’i. Some of the members of the cabinet in time of the shah were Baha’is. They [Hojjatieh] did not oppose the shah, and intended to fight only with Baha’is. We did not accept this idea and we believed it was wrong.

Now that in the Islamic Republic system Baha’is have no opportunity, the main idea behind their formation is eliminated, and they have no grounds for their activities. Many of them are now working in the Islamic Republic system. They are teachers or work in other places or institutions and nobody bothers them, and they do not have any trouble with the Islamic Republic, and they even do their service…