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30 Mehr 1359 [22 October 1980]

I wish to respectfully submit my grievance:

On 27 Mehr 1359 [19 October 1980], Mr. Shaykh Mostafa Rahnama, along with four other armed young men, entered the store of Bazargani Tadarok, situated on Jomhoury Avenue in Tehran—an establishment which has been operating for many years as a centre for buying and selling office supplies and office machines such as typewriters, calculators, photocopiers, duplicating machines, photovoltaic machines, cash registers, paper and ink for photocopy and duplicating machineswithout producing any legal document. He locked up the store clerk in a room, and during the bodily search of the staff, took everything that was in their pockets and briefcases and confiscated a sum of thirty thousand rials in cash, which was in the store clerk’s briefcase, stating that this sum was untouchable because it was received from a Baha’i store. In addition, he confiscated two cheques in the amount of one million rials belonging to this business from the pocket of another young man who had come to the store to collect the money.

He then continued his search and inspection in the store and its cabinets, and after opening the safe, took all securities and official documents and deeds, both commercial and real estate, and, intimidating and insulting the beliefs of the people mentioned, who had fallen under his clutches, issued orders for the arrest and imprisonment of two clients in the store on the same night, of whom there is no news yet.

The illegal actions of Mr. Shaykh Rahnama did not end here, but by having access to the books and documents, he discovered the address of the warehouse serving this business. After sealing the store’s main entrance, he went to the warehouse and repair centre of this business and broke the glass and locks at the entrance and, as he said, reached the ammunition and explosives warehouse!

The next day, having increased the number of his armed men and having brought a van and a truck, he ordered all the goods, machines and spare parts—which are worth more than twelve million rials, including the goods in the storeto be taken and moved, and it is not clear where he has taken them.

Are not these wrongful actions of Mr. Shaykh Rahnama contrary to the consent of His Holiness Khatam al-Anbiya [Seal of the Prophets] and the Imams and supporters of the religion?

Are such inappropriate actions not contrary to the Sharia laws and contrary to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, which explicitly guarantees the freedom of belief and prohibits inquisition of opinions?

Are these attacks and aggressionswhich have repeatedly taken place in the middle of the night in the form of sieges and raids on Baha’i homes, searches and inquisition, the creation of fear and intimidation in the hearts of the innocent children and countless family members, and causing the destruction of communities, the dissatisfaction of the masses, and the deprivation of comfort and security of the familiesnot caused by the personal intentions of Mr. Shaykh Rahnama and his Revolutionary Guards?

It is my absolute plea that the esteemed official will issue an urgent and appropriate order for a few competent and impartial individuals to investigate my petition, which I have described here in extreme brevity, and while restoring my dignity, ensure the return of the seized properties.

With respect,

Hashem Farnoush