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Ministry of the Interior

Number: ------

Date: -----133[5] [1956]



The Fifth Provincial Governor General


Official report

On the date of 13 Aban 1335, [4 November 1956] regarding the handover of the assembly [Baha’i centre] of the Baha’is, it was decided that by issuing an order from the centre, the assembly [Baha’i centre] would be returned to them. Prior to that, all the furniture had been collected in the hall of the assembly [Baha’i centre] and its door had been locked and the key had been left with the Governorate.

Now, according to order number: 63927/C/11100 - [date:] 3 Aban 1335, [25 October 1956] from the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Nasrollah Rastegar was introduced and it was instructed that the assembly [Baha’i centre] would be given to whomever he chose. Now, according to his [instruction], the mentioned assembly and its key have been delivered to Mr. Rezvani, the manager of the Refahiyat Pharmacy.


Representative of the Governorate: Ahmad Hozhabr



Nasrollah Rastegar