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In the name of God



To Mr. Hamzeh Raziani, Director of Jujitsu Association in Kermanshah,

Subject:  Dismissal


Owing to your belief in the perverse sect of Bahaism and based on this disciplinary letter, which has been approved by the members of this Association, and according to the clear instructions of the esteemed supreme leader, emphasizing that any collaboration with the members of this perverse sect is strictly forbidden because it is against the Sharia, the members of this Association hereby issue an order as to your incompetence and your dismissal from the directorship of the Jujitsu Association.  This verdict has been approved by the members.  From the date stated, 20/2/1393 [10 May 2014], you do not have any position as the director, and any activity in this position will be considered against the decision of the members of the Association and will result in legal actions against you.


1-Director of Jujitsu Association for the western part of Iran, Ḥaj Fardin Barati

2-Director of Jujitsu disciplinary committee for western part of Iran, Jahangir Dijagah [Signature]

3-Chairman of Jujitsu Association for the western part of Iran, Ḥaj Masoud Solaymani [Signature]

4-Chairman of Jujitsu coaches for the western part of Iran, Behnam Kazemi [Signature]

5-Chairman of Jujitsu referees for the western part of Iran, Hamid-Reza Shahmoradi


Haj Fardin Barati Takhtgahi