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[Newspaper:] Hamshahri

[Date:] Sunday, 9 Bahman 1373 – 27 Shaban 1415 – 29 January 1995


Special [Edition] for the Inauguration of Khavaran Cultural Centre

By Opening of “Khavaran”, the Largest Cultural Centre of the Country Has Started Operating

With the opening of “Khavaran’s agglomeration”, the largest cultural centre of the country initiated its operations. The design of this cultural and artistic agglomeration began with the efforts of some of the cultural experts in region 15 of Tehran.

The designers have attempted to maximize the special utilization of the environment. The entrance facade of the building demonstrates serious attention to the aesthetic of modern cultural space and national and religious themes. Khavaran Cultural Centre is built on 83,000 square metres of land, with 20,000 square metres being under construction (without considering the size of the uncovered operational spaces) with the assistance of three designing and three construction teams.  

One of the peculiarities of our contemporary age is the unification and stereotyping of the cultural programmes, as if the world’s diverse cultures and civilizations were crumbling and one global civilization were shaping our world. The dominance of bureaucracy and technocracy that have enraptured the private lives of human beings are signs of this global monotony. Within these processes, the Western framework has been the most dominant and victorious one. Many philosophers have considered this process as very dangerous and a sign of great decline. During the past few years, various resistance has begun on the part of nations for deliverance from this process, but the process of unification yet continues.