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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Hamshahri

[Date:] Saturday, 20 Mehr 1381 [12 October 2002]

[Issue No.:] 2866-142

[Page:] 23


Religious minorities in Iran

A peaceful life

Translated by: Amir Hedayati

An alien glance,

On the wall of the building facing the Armenian Cathedral of Tehran, an enormous picture of Imam Khomeini (may he repose in peace), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been placed, which [faces] the cathedral. Although the existence of the pictures of Imam Khomeini in different parts of the city is something quite common, this one, at first glance, facing the Armenian Church, is somehow reflective and also interesting.

Sobbuh Sakarsian, the bishop of the church, is quick to say: …Any kind of religious propagation is prohibited in Iran and the leaders of this country show more sensitivity towards Baha’ism [the perverse sect] than others. Apparently what is currently acceptable [practiced] as an unwritten law is that those who are born into a religious minority will not be faced with a problem.

Source: Nuvieh Soursher Saytoung

The Americans’ newest claims

The Department of State of the United States of America has published a report that investigates religious freedom in different countries of the world. In the summary of this report, the State Department identifies thirty-two countries as violators of the religious freedom. In the mentioned report, six countries are named as autocratic and totalitarian [regimes] that control any religious thought or activity… From a total population of 66 million in Iran (as per the report’s estimate) 99% are Muslims, and of this amount 89% are Shi’as. Ten per cent of the Iranian population are Sunnis, comprising Turkmen, Arabs, Balouchs and Kurds, who are scattered in the southwest and east and also the northwest and northeast regions. According to Jomhoury-e Eslami newspaper: “This report claims that Christians, Jews, Baha’is, Sufis and the followers of the Mandaean sect (apparently the Islamic Republic Press does not have any knowledge of the Sabeans, which is an early Christian sect, living in different regions of Khuzestan, and their name has been mentioned in the Qur’an as those who are People of the Book, and uses the Persian translation of the word of Mandaeans)…