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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Head Office of the Department of Education, Kerman County


Number -----

Date 18 Aban 1360 [9 November 1981]

Enclosure: -----


It is hereby certified that, Miss Haleh Rahimi Zavari, daughter of Mohammad-Reza, a Humanities major first year student [senior high school], studied in this high school until 18 Aban 1360 [9 November 1981].  She was expelled from high school in accordance with minutes number 1618, [dated] 18 Aban 1360 [9 November 1981], because of her admission to be a Baha’i, as well as for her non-participation in demonstrations and political discussions.  This certificate has been issued in response to her mother’s request.  In addition, her student record has been handed to her mother.


Principal of [illegible] Girls High school