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[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Hablol Matin

[Date:] 26 Khordad 1334 [17 June 1955]

[Issue No:] 100


The Religious Inhabitants of Azerbaijan, Congratulations That Your Representative Has Found His Way Up to Parliament.

At a time when the government is getting ready to get rid of the spy agents, the apostates and perverse and confused Baha’i and Babi sects, or the corruptors of the earth, from sensitive positions within ministries, where they had reached the highest power;

At a time when the highest Shia Athna Ashari [Twelfth Imam] authority, his holiness Ayatolla Haji Agha Hossein Tabatabaie Boroujerdi, blessings be upon him, [has gathered] the greatest clerics and proofs of Islam, may God increase the likes of them, and the 20-million population of Iran and the Muslims of the world have demanded that the members of the lost Baha’i sect should be expelled from [employment in the] offices;

At a time when the centre of the Baha’is has been confiscated and destroyed by the hands of the brave Muslim soldiers of the military rule, and the people are going in groups to view and celebrate the demolished nest of corruption and treason, called Haziratu’l- Quds, [The Baha’i Centre] and spit on that filthy centre of lust that is despised by people;

At a time when the public opinion of Iran asks the government to confiscate their [Baha’is] belongings;

At a time when people of the capital and [other] cities have celebrated festivities for the demolition of the Haziratu’l- Quds [The Baha’i Centre] and the dismissal of those filthy people;

When the prime minister has returned from overseas after recovery and has decided to fight corruption;

At this time, at the formal meeting, Reza Afshar, due to willingness and pressure from the perverse Baha’i sect says: “This parliament has ridiculed the emotions of the religious leaders and has showed enmity towards the will of majority of the honourable people of Iran, and has not even respected all the international commitments and treaties (!)”

Respected inhabitants of Azerbaijan, you can observe that this crazy alcoholic man with that shameful background, filthy record and past imprisonment, who, today, has wrongfully occupied the representative’s seat of the noble and religious people of Azerbaijan, has insulted the religious beliefs and has assumed the majority of the people of Iran to be Baha’is (!) and has revered and recognized the international obligations (the Baha’i and Babi code of the United Nations (!): (Spit on you oh world! Spit on you!…)…