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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Habl al-Matin-e Iran

[Date:] 7 Mehr 1334 [30 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 112


What do newspapers write about Pepsi Cola?  Dangerous Diseases Are Caused By Consuming Pepsi Cola.

In previous issues, we wrote about some harms of Pepsi Cola to inform our dear compatriots, and in this issue, we will quote some of the opinions of other newspapers.

“Pepsi Cola causes the dangerous disease of ulcers and is a cancer stimulator,” writes the Zelzeleh newspaper.

“Pepsi Cola – an alcoholic beverage and a potion of morphine and cocaine. “

“Pepsi Cola is a means of advertising the Baha’is.”

“Pepsi-Cola is a souvenir of Habib Sabet Pasal,”

“Pepsi-Cola is a poison to children,”

“Pepsi-Cola is addictive to young people,”

“Pepsi-Cola is made by the dirty hands of Baha’is and empties the pockets of Muslims.”

Oh Muslims, fight against this perverse sect and this dirty and defeated population and this disgraced group, and do not let them empty your pockets by various means, and, on one hand, by earning millions of profits, deceive the simple-hearted youth, and on the other hand, according to Habib Sabet Pasal, the false leader of the Baha’is, make the young people addicted.

Bringing the Pepsi Cola factory is not as simple as they think. What does our country need this factory for, with so many non-alcoholic beverages, natural drinks and mineral waters? The Pepsi-Cola plant has made huge sums of money just to strengthen the Baha’is and fight the Muslims, and to compensate for their humiliation and defeat, this criminal sect has [been] sustained by poisoning the Muslims and making them addicted and promoting the Baha’is with the money of Muslims. Habib Sabet has called this crime attracting foreign capital, and by relying on foreigners, [he] closes he mouths of Muslims and empties their pockets. But this dirty, ignoble [man] should know that attracting foreign capital is not about importing factories of soft drinks and Pepsi Cola. Attracting the foreign capital means importing factories for making tools, cement, sugar, radio [broadcasting] and other public utility facilities so that, on one hand, the Iranian gold will not leave the country, and on the other, thousands of unemployed workers will start working in the factories and the miserable condition of people’s life will be improved. Habib Sabet Pasal should know that Muslims already know his hidden intentions and will not allow that; by this propaganda, the Haziratu’l-Quds is built again, and their spying nest is re-established.

This was part of a criticism by one of Tehran’s newspapers. We hope, as we said in previous issues, that the thoughtful people will absolutely refrain from consuming it and instead drink fruit juice and not hurt their stomachs and livers.