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[Adapted from website:] Habilian Association

[Date:] 31 Farvardin 1395 [19 April 2016]


Exhibition at Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education

On the Occasion of the Blessed Days of the Month of Rajab

The Habilian Foundation held an exhibition for ten days on deviant sects with the aim of introducing the perverse Baha’i sect and the deviant Hojjatieh[1] Society at the Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education.

According to the news site, [in] the Habilian Association’s (Families of [Assassinated] Martyrs of the Country) exhibition, students were exposed to plans and materials on topics such as: “Deviant Thoughts of the Hojjatieh Society, Cooperation of the Hojjatieh Society with SAVAK, His Honour the Imam’s Confrontation with the Hojjatieh Society, Change of Policy of the Hojjatieh Society After the Islamic Revolution, The Intellectual Commonalities of the Hojjatieh Society With the Monafeghin, the Hojjatieh Society and the Promotion of the Separation of Religion From Politics, the Guardianship From the Perspective of the Hojjatieh Society, The Response to the Deviant Ideas of the Hojjatieh Society, Propagation Tactics and Methods Used for Attracting by the Hojjatieh Society, The Opinions of Elders and Prominent People About the Hojjatieh Society.

According to this report, another focus of the exhibition was the perverse [Baha’i] sect [with topics], Familiarity with the Thoughts of the Founders of the Baha’i Sect, The Link between Baha’ism and the Oppressive Imperial Regime, The Relationship Between Baha’ism, Britain and the Zionist Regime, the Sect’s Services to Western Intelligence Services, Baha’i Ideology and Moral Deviations, and [Recruitment] Methods.

The attendance of a large number of students from the Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education was one of the highlights of this exhibition.


[1] [Hojjatieh - Anti-Baha’i Association