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[Adapted from website:] Habilian Association

[Date:] 27 Aban 1393 [18 November 2014]


Exhibition on “Insight” Held in the Central Building of Azad University in Sabzevar


According to the Habilian Association (the families of the assassinated martyrs of the country), the exhibition included five [sic] sections: “Terrorist Groups”, “The Deviant Hojjatieh Society”, “The Perverse Baha’i Sect”, and “The Takfiri[1] Groups”, which were displayed in the form of photos and posters.

After visiting the exhibition, while appreciating the organizers of the exhibition of “Insight”, Dr. Morteza Binesh, deputy director general and director of education of Sabzevar, said, “Since the beginning of the revolution up until now, the relentless efforts of various groups, Israel, Britain and the United States have been focused on influencing the minds of our adolescents and young people.”

He added, “Their actions have been accompanied by seemingly justified moral and humanitarian slogans; while what was exhibited in this display was their serious crimes against humanity.”



[1] [Takfiri: Anti-Muslim apostasy]