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[Poetry from the honourable Habibollah Ouji]


When my Beloved removes the veil from His luminous face

In an instant His flame burns away the bodies of the lovers


Whenever He decides to pour the blood of a nation upon the ground

His glance massacres hundreds of the faithful and the ungodly alike


His army of eyelashes commanded by both His eyes

In every breath leads the army to kill His lovers


With one glimpse, the movement of His eyes pulls!

The monk away from abbey and the Imam from the mosque


His stature, discernible in a mere single step

Leads the public to the abode of resurrection


Happy the virtuous who drink from the crimson wine of His

Moist lips and do not beg for the heavenly spring


The heartless Nabet, in memory of the countenance, tresses and ruby lips of the Beloved

Burns away the body of the lover in an instant.