Habibollah Azizi

Born: 1915, Tehran

Executed by the firing squad in Tehran on 29 August 1981


Habibollah Azizi was born into a Baha’i family.  He received his primary schooling at Tarbiat School and Darolfonoon in Tehran. He completed his higher education at Tehran University where he studied Persian Literature.  After his military service, he chose to work in commerce and business. He married in 1947, and he moved to Bournemouth England with his family in 1969.  Every year he would return to Iran to visit his mother and the rest of the family, his visits would normally last several months. 

On 17 June 1980 during one of his trips to Iran within two days of his arrival, he was arrested.  He was first held at Komiteh number 9 in Ferdowsi Avenue, he later was transferred to Evin prison.  He was executed by firing squad on 29 August 1981. Two days later his family found out about his execution through a newspaper's notice section. He was buried according to Baha’i law by his relatives in Iran.

Shortly after the execution of Habibollah Azizi, his 86 years-old frail mother, his two sisters and their spouses were arrested and detained.


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