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Department of Justice - Islamic Republic

Court of Administrative Justice, Iran

Number -----

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In the Name of God


Date: 24 Dey 1369 [14 January 1991], Court Order Number 562, File number [illegible]

Administered by: Branch 8 of the Court of Administrative Justice

[Illegible] 1- Houshang Fatehnejad: President; 2- Seyyed Assadollah Mehrhadi: Consultant

3- Mr. Habibollah Azadi, son of Korki: Plaintiff [redacted]

Respondent: Tehran University, University of Health [illegible]

Subject of complaint: Application for payment of seven years of his unpaid retirement pension in addition to reinstatement of retirement pension.

[Illegible] Synopsis of Proceedings: The Plaintiff has submitted an application to the Court of Administrative Justice, which was referred to this Branch, and has undergone the standard procedure [illegible]. The named individual is a retired technician of the University of Medicine with an employment record of 24 years, and whose employment was terminated by virtue of Order 5/72870 dated 29 Farvardin 1358 [18 April 1979]. He was receiving a pension until the month of Tir [June/July] in 1360 [1981], when the pension was terminated. The petition has been responded to, in accordance with Bill 123-[illegible] HGh,-29 Ordibehesht 1369 [19 May 1990] was received. In accordance with Article 8, Paragraph 29, of the Reconstruction Act [illegible] 1360 [1981/1982], the plaintiff, for the offence of having held membership in the Baha’i sect, is sentenced to indefinite dismissal from government employment and his pension has been terminated. Members of Branch 8 of the Court of Administrative Justice presided over the appeal. Having investigated the allegations and [illegible] consultation in the absence of possibilities [illegible], the Court announces that the hearing has concluded and issues its verdict as follows:



In view of the submissions to the organization [illegible], and based on order 978/H/B/278 - 20 Bahman 1369 [9 February 1991]  of the Primary Committee for the Restructuring of Human Resources, the Plaintiff is sentenced to indefinite termination from government employment and his pension [illegible] has been terminated in accordance with said verdict. The verdict [illegible paragraph]

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