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[Date:] 18 Shahrivar 1328 [9 September 1949]


Tehran – To the threshold of His Imperial Majesty, Protector of Islam, may God eternalize his land and glorify his victory


O Crowned Father,

At this period of time, the country of the Imperial Majesty requires more open-minded, erudite and insightful propagators who may save the society [by] dissemination of the verities and grandeur of the Islamic teachings and [its] social guidance by engaging in illumination of public thoughts, [directing them away] from the partisanship and current religious conflict and various sectarian entanglements and from religious deviation from the straight Islamic path. Unfortunately, if a spiritual teacher arises to implement these reforms, he will be subject to attack and revenge of the party leaders and adversaries that would be harmed by these reforms. As it has been stated in history, the Prophets, the Holy Ones and all the distinguished men have never been free from the tongues and hands of such malefactors and scoundrels. In order to achieve their sinister goal, they have cleaved to slander and calumnies [about] a powerful personality. They would ascribe lies, defamations and false reports, including made-up intrigues and incitements—of which either they or others are the instigators—to the great reformer. What share of calamities and misfortunes have been destined for those reformers and devoted men of the country!

One of the self-sacrificing and self-effacing men of this country, whose real value is unknown in this era, is grand leader Ayatollah Khalesizadeh, who has been, by his pen, his approach and his whole life, advising how to disseminate the verities and grandeur of the Islamic teachings. [He] has been engendering unity, propagating patriotism and affection for the king, combatting Communism and collectivism, and has tried with utmost devotion and self-sacrifice to serve the society and bring tranquillity and peace to all the inhabitants.

Witness how, by the organization of endowments and charity, and friends and foes, he has revived the lost endowments, a great number of which have been registered, resulting in a hike in the income of the endowments to ten times, or even more, within the short time of his stay in Yazd. He has worked for development of this city, equal to a century of work. He has repaired the mosques, schools and other public properties.

 Naturally, such benevolent actions have weighed heavily on a small number of those faithless Communist Baha’is who have taken advantage of such endowments, trying their utmost to prevent Islamic progress, and have tried by any means possible to destroy the old traditions. They have [taken revenge by] commissioning the dishonest hands of those in charge and usurpers of important endowments […], which was a stick in the eyes of those faithless ones who benefited from the endowments—Communists and adversaries of Islam, who, with the intervention of the collectivist leaders, in a pathetic condition, not only have insulted this divine spiritual leader, but have also caused irremediable and [great debilitation to] the world of Islam in the eyes of friends and foes.

Your Majesty! Ayatollah Khalesizadeh has ignored his own comfort, has not neglected even an hour of service to the people, and their peace, [by undertaking] the above-mentioned helpful actions. In an era when all the Iranians have been benefiting from the bountiful efforts of our popular king, and profiting from this great reward, now, for the sake of thanking him for the wellbeing of His Imperial Majesty and the sake of this divine favour and celestial support that has again given to all the inhabitants of this country the opportunity of being under his shadow, the invisible hand stretched to push away the adversary, we beg you, we plead at the threshold of Your Majesty, in order to serve the world of Islam and regain the reputation of the Muslims of Yazd, to issue a clear edict, to be the source of encouragement to the mentioned ayatollah, for him to return to Yazd, to continue doing the progressive work he was engaged in and which had been started by him, to be happily completed; thus, to restore the reputation of the Muslims of Yazd. We beg Your Majesty’s attention to this request, which will be the cause of happiness of the Muslims.


[Signatures of Ali Khojasteh with date of 19 Shahrivar 1328 [10 September 1949], Mohammad Ebrahimi, Gholam-Hosein Zargaran, Mohammad -Mehdi Tabatabai, Seyyed Ali-Reza Hoseini and the signatures of the 150 more individuals]


[Handwritten note on the top of the page:] Department of Law and Order

12 Bahman 1328 [1 February 1950]