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Office of the Prime Minister


Date: 4 Mehr 1323 [24 September 1944]

Number: 1077




Head of the Special Office of His Imperial Majesty,


With reference to letter number 33525 - dated 28 Mordad 1323 [19 August 1944] regarding a detailed report of clashes among the residents of Shahroud submitted by Ali-Akbar Furutan, [we/I] wish to inform you that appropriate steps have been taken to investigate this incident and prosecute the perpetrators. To maintain the security of Shahroud, several armed police and gendarmerie officers along with a number of commissioned officers, have been dispatched there. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice have also dispatched investigators and peace and order has been restored. As soon as the report of the investigators is received, it will be presented to the blessed presence of His Imperial Majesty.