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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Kashan to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 18061; Telegram Number: 384, Number of Words: 340, Date of Original: 21 Dey 1326 [12 January 1948], Date of Receipt: 22 Dey 1326 [13 January 1948]


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Honourable Mr. Hakimi, the popular Prime Minister of Iran,

Copy: Ayatollah Haji Seyyed Abol-Qasem Kashani

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: Aeen-e Islam Newspaper

Copy: Islamic Propaganda Association

Copy: Parcham-e Islam Newspaper


With utmost respect, we bring the following to your attention: The Village of Aran, which is one kilometre away from Kashan, has a population of ten thousand Muslims. We are bound to use ten days a year of the services of teachers and preachers sent to towns throughout by the Darol-Elm of Qom, under the instructions of Ayatollah Boroujerdi. Unfortunately, a few Baha’is of this village, who, by different means, have infiltrated the government positions, thus preventing us from our spiritual practice, [have been] sending shameful complaints which are far from the truth; they [also] accuse the Muslims with false reports, and threaten to prosecute them.  They themselves, against the constitution of the country, through the anonymous Baha’i propagators, regularly engage themselves in propagation and harmful provocation. They have also brought one permanent preacher, by the name of Ferdowsi, and his wife, in order to deceive the gullible youth.

A few days ago, Mr. Vaezi, the famous [Muslim] preacher, whose good background as a shining mirror is well known in all the cities, was invited by the residents of this village; immediately, the aforementioned [Baha’is] complained by sending their representative to the capital.  A telegraphic order [to stop this preacher] was issued to the Governorate and Gendarmerie authorities; fortunately, the head of the  Gendarmerie came to the location, and after proper investigations and the evidence [provided] by the same Baha’is, the [falsehood] of the complaint became evident.

In light of the above description, we beseech you to issue an urgent order to the Governorate and the Gendarmerie of Kashan to put a stop to their accusations and transgressions and have their preacher, with their sinister teachings, leave Aran, and issue an order to the district authorities and local Gendarmerie to keep the order of the place, which is [foremost in] their duties, so that we can all benefit from the teachings of the Divine Lawgiver of Islam [Mohammad] and be always grateful.




Muhammad-Hasan Motevassel, Rahmatollah Moteshakker, Seyyed Sadiq Sharifian, Hosein Akrami Arani, Seyyed Ahmad Rezaie, Habib Akrami, Muhammad Moteshakker, Mehdi Moteshakker, Seyyed Abbas Hoseini Arani.


[Stamp: Telegraph Office of Tehran]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Make inquiry through the Ministry of the Interior