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Ministry of Post, Telegram and Telephone


From: Mahallat to: [Tehran]

Receipt No.: 1677

Number of words: 18

Number: 2

Original date: 1 Dey 1322 [23 December 1943]

Description: -----

Date received: 2 Dey 1322 [24 December 1943]

Receipeint’s Name: -----

His Honour, the Prime Minister,

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: Ministry of Finance

Copy: Mr. Sadr, the Minister of Justice Administration 

A number of Baha’is have recently arrived and have taken up residence in Mahallat. They are busy purchasing grocery provisions and exporting them. This [action] has caused a slight food scarcity and raised the prices. By enticing the gendarmes in Mahallat, they are depriving the inhabitants of their comfort. As a result, five hundred of us, the local inhabitants, have taken refuge today at the Telegraph Office. We are requesting the respected authorities to investigate the matter, take care of our comfort and prevent the gendarmes from interfering [in this matter].

Mohammad-Esmail Rezai, Javad, Esmail, Ali-Akbar Ferdowsi, Ali-Asghar Haji Boraghi, Ebrahim Sadr, Soroush Rezai, Mostafa Hashemi, Hosein-Ali Rezai, Shoja‘ Soroush, Ali Shahrokhi, Ali-Akbar Shahrokhi, Abol-Fazl Amiri, Abd Hosein Shahrokhi


[Stamp: Telegraph Office of Tehran]

[Handwritten note on top of page:] Another telegraph was receive, background [needed]. 8 Dey 1322 [30 December 1943]

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:] Number 21481, 24 Dey 1322 [15 January 1944]