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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Shahrekord and Bakhtiari

Number: 3321

Date: 17 Aban 1329 [8 November 1950]



Ministry of the Interior:

Following the telegram dated 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950] regarding the conflict between the Muslims and the Baha’is in Boroujen, [I] would like to inform [you] that:

 At 5:00 on Monday morning, 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950] I travelled to Borujen and witnessed that, indeed, there are great disagreements between the Muslims and the Baha’is. The homes of three or four people were ransacked and looted, and their entrance doors were set on fire.

The officers of the gendarmerie are now investigating to identify the instigators among the suspects, in order to legally prosecute them.  At the same time, a report has been sent to the judiciary court of Shahrekord to deploy a representative to pursue the matter quickly and thoroughly.  A report of the results of the investigation will definitely be presented to your office.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that firstly, in the Village of Boroujen, some of the residents are Baha’is, some are Dervishes, and others are Muslims.  Each group is extraordinarily attached to its own beliefs and there are sharp differences between them.  Based on such conditions, these kinds of incidents happen from time to time, and could occur repeatedly.  Secondly, the district [of Boroujen], which has 10,000 inhabitants and is of particular importance—geographically, economically and socially—deserves special attention. 

In order to restore its permanent peace and order, as well as to provide development and improvement, and to promote its progress, the following actions are absolutely necessary to prevent any further unfavourable events:

  1. Establish it as a prefecture, and deploy a prefect who is also assigned to be its trustee of peace,
  2. Establish a police station under the control of the Shahrekord police, 
  3. Be especially careful to absolutely avoid deploying any Baha’i followers in the official positions in this district,
  4. Colonel Hakami [or Hokmi], the commander of the gendarmerie, is to be recalled immediately, and replaced with a well-trained, capable officer, because even though he is not a Baha’i, his actions always protect one side, and residents are very suspicious and dissatisfied with him.

It is respectfully requested that your office immediately consider taking the above-mentioned steps, so that peace and order can be restored in the area.

In closing, it should be added that in the above-mentioned district [Boroujen], other government administrative offices, such as municipality, finance, a branch of the Melli Bank, health, education, statistics, etc., exist, [but not] a district manager.


The Governor of Shahrekord and Bakhtiari,

[Signature:] Kheradpisheh


[Handwritten Note: 1] Very urgent, [illegible] 23 Aban [14 November]

[Handwritten Note: 2] Stamp: Recorded in the confidential ledger of the Ministry of the Interior, number 7533, dated: 24 Aban 1329 [15 November 1950]