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Ministry of the Interior,

The Office of Governor General of the Tenth Province,


Date: 16 Azar 1329 [7 December 1950]

Number: 3663,


Copy of confidential letter from the Governor General of Shahrekord


Confidential, Eyes Only,




Honourable Mr. Haghighi –Governor General of the Tenth Province


Form information received, it is understood that as a result of plotting and incitement in Boroujen, which [the details] regrettably cannot be disclosed on the paper, some activities are underway that are intended to divide and lead [the community] to serious future unrest. Unfortunately, the commander of the Gendarmerie, who is the only Law Enforcement officer in this area, who was appointed by the Isfahan Gendarmerie Regiment, and, as was conveyed by way of telegram number 3312- 16 Aban 1329 [7 November 1950], is a weak person who cannot maintain order as appropriate.  Consequently, by reporting the above matters, I absolve myself of responsibility [in this matter] and I request that a person with a strong personality be assigned and dispatched as Commander for Boroujen [Gendarmerie Station].  Secondly, it is requested that a decisions swiftly be made regarding report number 3321 about assigning a new Head of District and the establishment of a Police Station in that city [Boroujen] and that you advise me accordingly.


Governor [the region of] Shahrekord and Bakhtiary.




This is a true copy of the original