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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior,

Political Office and Passports

Date: 20 Mehr 1323[12 October 1944]

Number 4636/S/39793,


The Office of Prime Minister


Referring to letter 11269, [dated] 23 Shahrivar 1323 [14 September 1944], about the telegram which has been received from Gorgan on the subject of the complaint of the Baha’is of Gorgan, I would convey that, according to the information previously received by the Ministry of the Interior, the Sari Governorate was instructed to [have someone] personally visit Gorgan and take appropriate measures to resolve the dispute and prevent any unpleasant incidents. In addition, the head of the Melli Bank branch in Gorgan, who was involved in these incidents, has been transferred [to another post].  Consequently, as a result of the actions taken by the law enforcement officers, there is no need to worry.


Minister of the Interior Ministry

[On behalf, signature]


[The stamp of entering in the Office of Prime Minister, Number 12916, Dated: 22 Mehr 1323 (14 October 1944)]

[Handwritten note] To be filed.