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Ministry of the Interior

Governor of the Seventh Province

Office of Resettlement of Tribes


3 Ordibehesht 1323 [23 April 944]

Number: 188; [Date:]

Copy of the letter


Confidential, Eyes only


Esteemed Commander of 6th Regiment of Fars


In response to your letters number D/112/2682 and D/191/3966, dated 20 and 27 Farvardin 1323 [9 and 16 April 1944], containing a copy of the petition by Mr. Ataollah Khazraie, we convey the following: Based on the evidence contained in the related file at this Governorate Office, there is no doubt that in Saghad, Bahman, and Eghlid some conflicts have arisen between Muslims and Baha’is, and consequently the Baha’is have sustained some harm and losses.  In addition, the door of a building belonging to Mr. Vargha in Saghad and also another door located in the cemetery of the Baha’is of Abadeh, which is about 400 meters away from Abadeh, have been set on fire.  The police agents have not investigated the matter nor vindicated the rights in the manner that is expected of them by the responsible authorities, and the letters sent by the relevant commanders have generally been used by them to say that the time was not yet right to follow up on this matter or apprehend the instigators of corruption, and they have delayed taking such action.  Clearly, such incidents and demonstrations do not happen without instigators and supporters.  However, this matter must first be investigated in earnest by unbiased agents, and the instigators and perpetrators of the incident (whether they are Muslim or Baha’i) must be identified through interrogation of the petitioners and [thereby] learning of the reasons and other evidence, and be turned in for punishment.  Clearly, through such an investigation, it will be possible to identify any governmental authorities who might have had a hand in this incident, or as stated by the petitioner above, might have intentionally refrained from stopping and prosecuting the instigators.  We have no information regarding the statement by Mr. Khazraie that some individuals plan to kill him and other individuals. It is necessary that, in addition to investigating the above incident, this claim be investigated by obtaining further testimony.


From the Governorate of Abadeh, A’laie


This is a true copy of the original, [Signature: Morteza Zahedi]