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Office of the Prime Minister


Date recorded: 18 Khordad 1320 [8 June 1941]

Date of clean copy: 15/3/ [1320] [5 June 1941]

Number: 3381


Confidential and Eyes Only


Honourable Minister of Justice


Pursuant to coded telegram number 8 – 30 Ordibehesht 1320 [20 May 1941], regarding the demonstrations by the Baha’is of Khorramabad, we convey the following:  The contents of the coded telegrams numbers 5 and 8 of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, were decoded.  They now reply that the Army’s Sixth Legion of Khouzestan, in addition to sending 54 record books and documents related to the formation of the Assemblies of the Baha’is in that city, also reported that the Baha’is have an organization which consists of a Spiritual Assembly, a youth committee, a women’s committee, a statistics committee, and a fund box.  This Assembly is under the jurisdiction of Kermanshah [Assembly] and instructions are also given to them directly by the [National] Assembly in Tehran.  They [Army] add that it is possible that their gatherings may be related to some other matters.  Therefore, the exact copies of 54 record books and documents are being attached for your information, investigation, and appropriate action.


Prime Minister [signature], 15 Khordad 1320 [5 June 1941]