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Ministry of Education

Office of the Minister


[This is a letter in] reference to Order No. 14974/2 – 1 Tir 1358 [22 June 1979] under which you were dismissed from the Ministry of Education as you are not a follower of one of the officially recognized religions of the country and 5 pages [illegible] which tens of like-minded individuals who have the same employment status as yours [illegible], have stated in their defense.

The Ministry of Education in [illegible] Islamic Justice of Iran [illegible] and believers and devout followers of the true religion of Islam … is obliged to carry out the commandments of the Quran and Islamic laws in schools; and in showing respect [gratitude] to the blood of the martyrs of Islam and [illegible] and permitting [illegible] to be the same as they were during the time of the Great Idol [the Shah] that [illegible] promotion of corruption and impropriety [illegible] were applied in order to mitigate the True Religion of Islam; to allow followers of Baha’i sect to be in educational units and use this means to defile and corrupt the hearts and minds and thoughts of pure and innocent students; and just because [illegible] they may be responsible to support their families [illegible], again entrust you to carry out the valued and sensitive task of educating and training these dear ones of the nation.

[The effect of] this important principal, [namely] that the more the educational environment remains pure and immaculate, [is that] the more the school becomes the manifestation of divine splendors and the teacher the annunciator of his true and undeviating mission. Without a doubt conditions cannot be as they were in the past, with Baha’i individuals controlling educational activities.  As you will recall, thousands of men and women, led by the leaders and Learned Ones of Islam, endured numerous forms of torture in hideous exiles and [illegible] country remained steadfast in the face of this suffering and injustice, and with chants of “God is Great” they defeated the monstrous executioner and finally quaffed the chalice of martyrdom in this path.  In all fairness you will see that the sacred realm of education should not be defiled by being handed over to individuals of your kind who take steps contrary to and opposed to the mighty wisdom of Islam so as to propagate and instill improper thoughts.

In conclusion, you are reminded that the employment in government offices of Iranians who are not the followers of one of the officially recognized religions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, is in violation of the law.  Therefore, your dismissal in accordance with the existing law constitutes minimum punishment. No doubt the maximum punishment will befall those who employed you – who very shortly will be tried in the Islamic Revolutionary Court. Your previous salary remittances were made unlawfully and are under review, and the results will be announced shortly.


Mohammad Ali Rajaie


21 Shahrivar 1358 [12 September 1979]

Head of the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran