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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Gooya News

[Date:] Tuesday, 20 Mehr 1389 [12 October 2010]


Killing of the Baha’is in Toronto!  Assad Maznabi

Last week, the eyes of the Iranians in Toronto fell on the shining page [attempted translation of an idiomatic phrase] of a threatening warning in the Shahrvand publication, which outwardly had a varnish of affection. The writers of this warning, who seem capable of perpetrating any act [crime] … have said whatever they want with no inhibition, and have attributed any characteristic they wished to a religion they do not like, with the aim of portraying themselves as being born with original greatness, since they follow the true religion. They do not know that Beyhaghi has said: “No one is born great; people grow to acquire greatness gradually.” These political elders who have called their letter “Nam-Nameh” [letter of names], which in reality is a letter of insults, have admonished, and ultimately threatened the Shahrvand publication for having printed an advertisement by the Baha’i community, and they have warned them of its consequences!

It is laughable that they have cited their purpose in writing the letter as defending the true religion.  They benefit from the Canadian democracy, yet they defend the Islamic Republic. In a way, they are serving two masters! Perhaps they are thinking to themselves that Canadian democracy is an endowment that belongs to whoever prays for it.

In the beginning of this letter of insults, which is full of denunciations and curses against the Baha’i religion, feelings of hatred and regret have been expressed regarding the advertisements placed by Baha’i followers in Toronto. Along with warning the Muslim youth residing in Toronto who have been the target of these promotions, they have repudiated, admonished, and threatened Shahrvand for collaborating with the Baha’i religion, and have warned that they will do such and such. . . And in the end, they have advised: “Friends, think about the result of your actions!!!” Perhaps since they are currently busy “guiding to the good and warning about the bad deeds” in the name of doing good work, they are not able to put an end to the lives of the Baha’i citizens and followers . . .

The most interesting part of this whole thing is that this letter of insults says to Shahrvand: “You are a political publication. Why do you conduct religious propaganda!?”  Good Lord!  There are ten to twelve thousand weekly publications in Toronto [sic], all of which except Shahrvand have numerous pages dedicated to various religious announcements—from the tenth of Ashura and Muharram and Safar to the holy month and political devotional feasts. During the last few years, with support from the monies of the officers of the country of Imam-e Zaman who have found their way to Canada, Toronto has become one of the important centres of the Islamic Republic, and Iranian mosques, such as the Vali-e Asr Centre, which does not even deny its relationship with the Islamic Republic, have become famous in Toronto for their colourful spreads and public feasts. Now if the Baha’is submit an advertisement about their religion—given that Shahrvand does not have any income other than that from advertising—and they publish it, they should be admonished and threatened for misleading the Muslim Iranian youth of Toronto! More interestingly, a notary public, whose connection to the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Ottawa is clear to everyone, regularly writes articles in one of these publications in defence of Khomeini and the glorious Revolution of the Islamic Republic!...