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[Adapted from website:] Gooya News

[Date:] 20 Farvardin 1389 [9 April 2010]


Forcing Iqan Shahidi and Sama Nourani to Make Televised Confessions, and Preventing Dorsa Sobhani’s Family from Visiting Her -- Committee of Human Rights Reporters

Committee of Human Rights Reporters -- Iqan Shahidi and Sama Nourani, two Baha’i citizens deprived of education, were pressured through long hours of interrogation in Evin Prison to make televised confessions. Evin Prison authorities also prevented Dorsa Sobhani’s family from visiting with their daughter. Well-informed sources report that the case interrogator asked Shahidi and Nourani “over and over” to accept accusations against them “in front of television cameras”. 

About 40 days after their arrests, there is still no information as to the reason or accusations against these two citizens, who are deprived of [continuing] education. These two individuals reported the end of their interrogations during phone conversations. Shahidi and Nourani were able to have a visit with their families during the Nowruz period. Iqan Shahidi, 21, and Sama Nourani, 20, had been arrested on 11 and 12 Esfand [1388] [2 and 3 March 2010] in Kermanshah and Shiraz, and transferred to Evin prison.

Also, based on reports received, on the evening of Thursday, 19 Farvardin [1389] [8 April 2010], prison authorities prevented Dorsa Sobhani’s family from visiting her. This women’s rights activist was able to have only one family visit within the duration of her imprisonment. In a “one minute” phone conversation on Thursday evening, Sobhani announced that her interrogation had ended. 

Dorsa Sobhani, an activist for the “Campaign to Collect One Million Signatures”, was arrested at her father’s home in Sari on 16 Esfand [1388] [7 March 2010] last year and transferred to Evin Prison.  On 11 Esfand [2 March 2010] security forces entered the home of this civil rights activist, 20, to search her home and confiscated her personal belongings; since she was not home, they could not arrest her. 

On 13 Esfand [4 March 2010], as Dorsa Sobhani’s father was leaving his home, he was attacked by six security force agents, beaten up, handcuffed, blindfolded and threatened during interrogations for four hours so he would deliver his daughter to the Ministry of Intelligence.