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Islamic Republic of Iran


Decision of the Office of Personnel

Form: (52 – 4) 32-A Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment

  1. Ministry / Institution: Health Services
  2. Employee number: -----
  3. Given Name: Mrs. Giti
  4. Surname: Vahdat
  5. Name of father: Ali-Asghar
  6. Birth certificate number and place of issuance
  • Birth certificate number: [redacted]
  • Issued in
  • City: [redacted] Province:  [redacted]
  1. Place of birth: [redacted]
  2. Date of birth: 19 Aban [redacted] [10 November]
  3. Highest degree and field of study
  • Highest degree: High school diploma
  • Field of study: Natural Science
  1. Title of Permanent Government Position:  Assistant Pharmacist
  2. Branch:  Health and Medical, Course: Assistant Pharmacist, Group: -----
  3. [Employment] Category:  4
  4. [Employment] Level:  5
  5. Government unit: Dowlatabad Clinic
  6. Place of employment: City of Tehran
  7. Permit: ----- Date: ----- Number: -----
  8. Category of Decision: Termination of Employment
  9. Details of Decision:

With reliance on directive number 7540-10 Dey 1359 [31 December 1980] of the Ministry, and with due consideration to the fact that, in the questionnaire dated 27 Bahman 1359 [16 February 1981], you explicitly declared that you are a follower of the perverse Baha’i sect, all your [employment] orders from the start of employment are hereby revoked and are considered null and void.  Obviously, from the date of this decision you have no position or rights [in this organisation].

Jafarieh: 7 Mordad 1360 [29 July 1981]

  1. Salary, benefits and bonuses
  2. Salary, benefits and bonuses specified in this ruling amounting to a total of (spelled out) ----- rials, are payable after applying legal deductions from the credit related to section ----- Articles -----
  3. Date of the ruling’s execution: 1 Tir 1360 [22 June 1981]
  4. Date of issuance and ruling number

Date: 10 Mordad 1360 [1 August 1981], Number: 15620

  1. Given name and surname of the official in charge: Dr. Seyyed Ali Abtahi

Title of permanent organisational position [of the official in charge]: Regional Director of the Health [Department], Southern Tehran


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