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Ministry of Agriculture and Urban Development

Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives


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Number: one circular

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Mr. Gholam Zahedi,

Custodian of the Rural Cooperative Union of Sari

In accordance with the decision made by the Board of Directors of the Union at its meeting number 226 on 13 Aban 1357 [04 November 1978], owing to the fact that you do not belong to any of the State's officially recognized religions, your services at the Union must be terminated, and you are hereby notified that you have no position at the Union as of this date, and you are not entitled to any remuneration or benefits.  You must leave the Union's custodianship building as soon as possible and hand over everything to Mr. Ramazan Afzalifar. Any benefits that you may be entitled to under the Employment Law, will be made payable to your account.


Hormoz Delfani

President of the Rural Cooperatives Union of Sari