Gholam-Hosein Hasanzadeh-Shakeri

Born: 1903, Mashhad

Executed by firing squad in Tehran on 10 March 1984


Gholam-Hosein Hasanzadeh-Shakeri was born into a Muslim family.  As a youth he was in his own words ‘wicked and mischievous.’  He first began to investigate the Faith in order to harm it; however, he later became a Baha’i.  Later he moved to Tehran where he married and raised his family.  In 1982 his pension was terminated on account of his adherence to the Faith. 

In 1983 Gholam-Hosein Hasanzadeh-Shakeri was arrested and imprisoned in Qasr prison for nine months before being transferred to Evin prison.  He was executed by firing squad on 10 March 1984, after one month of imprisonment at Evin.  His body was buried by the authorities.


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