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In the Name of God

Dear Dr. Rostami,

The Honourable Dean of Shomal University


This is to respectfully request appropriate instructions with regard to the registration and continuation of the study of the Baha’i students (Malayikan and Behru), who are enrolled in and study at the Shomal University, considering the prohibition of the Ministry of Science [Education] against admitting such students within the country’s universities.

It should be mentioned that this unit has not received any decree/ruling about this issue on behalf of the Ministry of Science [Education].


With gratitude,

Gholam-Ali Roudi

[Member of the Protection Unit of the University]


25 Bahman [13]85 [14 February 2007]


[Stamp]: Shomal Institute of Higher Education

Department of the Secretariat

Number: 8031/9229

Date: 26 Bahman [13]85 [15 February 2007]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]:

In the Name of God,

The respected Deputy of Education

For action


26 Bahman [13]85 [15 February 2007]