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1 Esfand 1360 [20 February 1982]

The Esteemed Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Zahedan

In response to [letter] number 19943-11, dated 28 Bahman 1360 [17 February 1982], which was received on 1 Esfand 1360 [20 February 1982] regarding the expropriation of a plot of land and [its] residential building, which is under my ownership, I would like to respectfully inform you that [this property] was purchased around 25 years ago, with hard work.  All the residents of the area are aware of how, through much trouble and hard work, it has become a residence and farmland.  I have been farming on it in order to earn and make a modest living. 

Since I, Ghodsiyyeh Mozzafarinejad (Hakiman), and my two daughters, live in the building on the farmland, and this is our only home in this world, I beseech you to order the cancellation of that decree, according to the Islamic religious and legal laws.


Ghodsiyyeh Mozafarinejad

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