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Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Council

Trade Union for the city of Boroujen

Phone No. 3005


Date: 21/8/1365 [12 November 1986]

No.: 3208

Enclosure: ----


Mr. Ghodratollah Khadivi, Textile Merchant


In reference to letter number 592, [dated] 18/8/1365 [9 November 1986] of the Gubernatorial Office, on 13/8/1365 [4 November 1986], at Revolutionary Guard’s compound you admitted in writing to your affiliation with the perverse Baha’is sect. Hence your business licence, for any trade, will hereby be considered null and void.


Head of the Central Trade Union Council of Boroujen. Niliyeh





1 The distinguished Governor, re letter number 592M–18/8/65 [9 November 1986]

2 Office of Intelligence of Boroujen, for information

3 Islamic Revolutionary Committee, for information

4 Local Police of Boroujen, for information

5 Bank-e Meli, Boroujen Branch, for information

6 Bank-e Tejarat, Boroujen Branch, for information

7 Bank-e Ostaan Boroujen Branch, for information

8 Bank-e Sepah, Boroujen Branch, for information

9 Bank-e Melat, Boroujen Branch, for information

10 Merchant’s Guild of Boroujen, for information