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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The statement of complainant

Number: -----

Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Pars Police Force

Investigation document and Minutes


Claimants: -----

Defendant: -----

Date: -----

Box-file: -----

File: -----


Dated: 8 Shahrivar 1358 [30 August 1979]

Q [Question] – Introduce yourself and the content of the article, and amendment note 125 of the Criminal Procedures Code will be explained to you; be watchful of your statements.


Name: Ghodratollah, Son of: Keykhosrow, Family name: Ghodrati, Surname: -----

Age: [redacted], Occupation and place of work: Representative of Omana Company

Address: [redacted], Residence: [redacted], private house

Religion: Baha’i

Citizenship: Iran

I have/do not have criminal conviction record

Have family, wife/husband, no wife/husband, and children/no children, and I am informed of the content of the article and amendment note 125 of the Criminal Procedures Code; if I change my address, I will report it and I am watchful of my statements.


Q – Express your complaint.

A [answer] – on Sunday, 17 Shahrivar [8 September] of this year, a group of around 150 people from the Mahdiyeh Committee, thirty of whom were armed, in the personal company of Haji Sharif and two of the clergymen, with [illegible] Messrs. Tobani and Hashemi, along with Mr. Asadpour and a group including Haji Akbar Mr. Shomali, entered Shamshirgar ha Alley, with some shovels and picks, which were carried by municipal vehicles. [They] attacked the House of Seyyed Ali Mohammad Bab, which belongs to the Baha’is of all over the world and is a place of pilgrimage for them. They started to demolish the above-mentioned House, and the adjacent place, numbers (plaques) 2346 and 2345. And this lasted for three consecutive days. Also, the next door neighbours were threatened that if they did not evacuate, their houses would be demolished as well. Therefore, we are pleading for justice and request that Your Excellency take immediate and just action.