[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Dated 20/11/1359 [9 February 1981]


The Public Prosecutor General, Ayatollah Ardabili,


Further to the telegram dated 26/10/1359, equivalent to 16 January 1981, regarding the notice of the martyrdom [execution] of my husband, the late Professor Dr. Manouchehr Hakim:  that action is considered the most shameful and grievous murder of the year:  the murder of this frank, pure, polite, kind, and tender physician, who treated patients from every walk of life for 40 years and treated the poor free of charge, and who was the source of the greatest therapeutic services for the nation. I beseech you to order to act promptly in order to identify and punish the murderer or murders who caused the affliction, grief and surprise of all the classes [of society].

I must inform you that after this terrible event, while I was in mourning and during the time when the authorities were expressing lack knowledge about the murder of my husband, my only house that belonged to me, together with my furniture, was seized and confiscated by order of the revolutionary persecutor.

In view of the foregoing, I seek your help once again and request that you arrest, prosecute, and punish the individual or individuals who are responsible for this callous murder and who ordered my eviction from my only house and [the confiscation of] my properties and my personal car.

In the Name of the only God and in the name of justice, I seek your help and I am confident that you will uphold Islamic justice.


Germaine Landoy-Hakim