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[Newspaper] Ettelaat

[Date:] Thursday 15 Mordad, 1360 [6 August 1981]

[Issue No:] 16494

[Page:] 3


“Lieutenant General Rastegar Namdar Was Executed”


Office of Public Relations of the Central Office of the [Islamic] Revolutionary Prosecutor has issued the following statement:


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful -- then fight the leaders of disbelief,[1]


By order of the Central [Islamic] Revolutionary Court, retired Lieutenant General Hosein Rastegar Namdar, son of Masih—for the crime of  betraying the Muslim people of Iran, direct cooperation with the murderous acts of the toppled Pahlavi regime, waging war against God and His Prophet, and spreading corruption on earth—was sentenced to be executed.


The criminal charges were as follows:    

  1. Actively participating in repression of nomadic tribes and Muslims in the South of Iran during the months of Esfand 1341 – Tir 1342 [February 1963 – June 1963] through cooperation with the fugitive Marshal/General Bahram Aryana.
  2. Membership in the [Armed Forces] Supreme Command Council of the previous regime alongside Oveissi, Toufanian, Lieutenant General Khatami, and other high ranking army officers.
  3. Collaborating to establish an American military system in Iran; affiliating Iran with America; suppressing the governing systems of poor countries in the Persian Gulf region; and undertaking technical, intellectual, and operational activities with American generals for establishing American military and political reign in the region.
  4. Holding meetings and having close relationships and collaboration with Israeli generals.
  5. Purchasing military equipment from Israel and signing contracts for further purchase of logistics tools from the occupying Zionist regime.
  6. Acquisition of weapons, munitions, and anti-riot devices for the subjugation of the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian people.
  7. Looting of the Bayt al-Mal[2]  and wasting the military budget for the purposes of ceremonial activities of the shameful festivals of the coronation, including expenditures on royal palaces.


According to the Islamic Revolutionary Court, the above-mentioned charges were established and proven based on the confession of the accused, and [the court found him] to be a symbol of “wager of war against God and His Prophet”, and “spreader of corruption on earth”. The court order was carried out yesterday.






[1] [Quran 9:12]

[2] [Bayt al-Mal is an Arabic term that is translated as "House of Money" or "House of Wealth." Historically, it was a financial institution responsible for the administration of taxes in Islamic states, particularly in the early Islamic Caliphate]