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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Faridan County

Number: 2014

Date: 24 Khordad 1341 [14 June 1962]

Strictly Confidential – Direct

Copy: Headquarters of the Infantry of Faridan Gendarmerie

To: The Commanding Regiment of Gendarmerie of Isfahan – Division 2

In response to communication number 2H/ 4735 -16 Khordad 1341[6 June 1962] and 2H/4793 -17 Khordad 1341 [7 June 1962], it is necessary to mention that, this unit has already received reports number 10/M, [dated] 8 Khordad 1341 [29 May 1962] and 15/M, [dated] 20 Khordad 1341 [10 June 1962], through the Governorate Office of Faridan County. According to the report of the Chadegan police station, in order to investigate the actions and behaviour of the Baha’i teachers, they have inquired about the situation from the inhabitants of the Village of Eskandari.

Many people have complained that, in the blessed month of Ramadan, two Baha’i women, one by the name of Hamdam Sobhanian, accompanied by another one, arrived in Eskandari and they are apparently teachers of the Baha’i religion; by forming an assembly, they have made public their propagation, which has caused tension and dispute in the area. On some occasions, they have allusively insulted the holy religion of Islam, which could have dire consequences.

Mrs. Sobhanian has been interrogated, so as to find out her motives for coming to this village. She said, “The Baha’i Assembly of Isfahan, at the request of some Baha’is in Eskandari, has sent me here to fulfil my mission as a teacher.” They receive their expenses from Isfahan Assembly and are teaching a few Baha’i boys and girls. By conducting confidential investigations in the locality, it became evident that from the time of the arrival of the mentioned lady and her mother in Eskandari, they have publicly propagated Baha’ism by organizing assemblies [gatherings] and expanding their activities, which has severely angered and disturbed all the Muslim inhabitants of this place.

During the mourning period [Muharram], a sufficient number of soldiers, headed by Sergeant Haddadi, were dispatched to the area; through effective speech the inhabitants were calmed down. They were reminded that soon, through legal processes, the fate of these people would be decided.

The mentioned officer has hereby confirmed all reported matters. Therefore, by presenting [to you] two interrogation reports and a page of a local enquiry report [it is requested that you] instruct that serious action be taken to prevent any unfortunate incident and have the decision be communicated.


Commander of Gendarmerie Station of Daran, Lieutenant Ghamsari

Recipients: A copy of the above report in reference to [number] 15/M - 20 Khordad 1341 [10 June 1962] for immediate action and information of Governor of the Town of Daran is submitted.

First Lieutenant Ghamsari

The copy is identical to original [signature] 28 Khordad 1341 [18 June 1962]