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Sub-section: [illegible]

Date: 30 Bahman 1328 [19 February 1950]

Number: 21272

Attachment: -----

Subject: -----



Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters

Confidential – Direct


Your Honour, the Prime Minister,

Copy of the telegraphic report number 5236 of Golpayegan police, concerning the occupation of the Imam-jom’eh[1] and a large number of the town residents in the telegraph office building is being sent for your information.

Appropriate instructions were issued to the police for complete vigilance.


Head of the National Police Department



[Stamped:] Confidential

[Handwritten Note 1:] Number 2036/4, 1 Esfand 1328 [20 February 1950]          

[Handwritten Note 2:] Noted by His Excellency, 11 Ordibehesht [1329] [1 May 1950]



[1] A ranking cleric who leads Friday congregational prayers.