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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 31 Ordibehesht 1395 [20 May 2016]


Baha’ism Has Been Created to Confront Islam and Shiism / Meeting With Baha’is Is Condemned

The Friday prayer leader of the cities of Ilam Province said, “The Baha’is have been created by Britain and the United States to oppose Islam and Shiism.”

According to the Tasnim News Agency, from the cities of Ilam Province, at the beginning of today’s sermons, Hojatoleslam Mousavi invited everyone to observe piety and said, “The real expectant is the one who is pious under all conditions.”

In another part of the sermons, the Friday prayer leader of Dehloran condemned the meeting of some people with the traitorous, venal and corrupt Baha’is. He stated, “Such meetings are condemned because the Baha’is were created by Britain and the United States to oppose Islam and Shiism.”

He stated that the crimes of these Baha’is who have been in prison were espionage and betrayal of the regime. [He said,] “So far, great conspiracies and seditions against the Islamic Republic have been planned and carried out by the Baha’is. Meeting with these people is condemned both in terms of religious orders and of their stubbornness towards the regime, and it is necessary to deal decisively with the people, regardless of their status, who have been in contact with them.”

In this week’s sermons in the Friday prayers in Eyvan City, Hojatoleslam Lorvand stated, “The policy of the arrogant powers is to create discord and conflict within the Muslim community; the enemy is afraid of a powerful Islam. This was explicitly stated by the supreme leader of the Revolution in his recent meeting with scholars.”

He also said that the British created the Baha’i sect as their spies; it is not a religion. He added, “The judiciary should deal strongly with those who associate with the [members of this] perverse sect.”