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[Adapted from website:] Sobh-e Sahel News

[Date:] 26 Dey 1399 [15 January 2021]


Friday Prayer Leader of Bandar Abbas: The Security Forces Must Intervene in the Case of the Sectarian Movement in Hormoz

The Friday prayer leader of Bandar Abbas warned against the movement of different sects on the island of Hormoz and said: “These groups have corrupted the coasts of Hormoz, so the security organizations should enter the section of the aimful organizations, since this is an organized corruption.

According to Sobh-e Sahel, Hojatoleslam val Muslims, “Mohammad Ebadizadeh” while expressing his condolences on the martyrdom of Her Holiness Fatemeh (PBUH) in his Friday prayer sermons in Bandar Abbas this week said: “The existence of Her Holiness Zahra (PBUH) is the evidence of legitimacy and the cause of the perfection of all divine prophets.”

He also added:We should not be satisfied with what is happening in the United States of America. it is not wise to be optimistic about the new government.”

He said [and] warned some cowards who, under various pretexts, think that we should negotiate and tolerate with the United States.

The representative of the Supreme Leader in Hormozgan province said: “With the recent events of BARJAM [the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA)], the greatest blessing for the 3rd and 4th generations of the Revolution --whom did not know who we were facing and sometimes were complaining that why no negotiations are taking place--is the fact that they realized [now] that Americans are not trustworthy.” He stated: “Mr. Biden has emerged from a tumultuous election, which observing scenes of it, showed us the nature of the Republican and Democratic imperialism.”

He by referring to the outbreak of the Corona virus said: “As long as coronavirus is not fully controlled, people should follow the health protocols and they should not think that by reducing the restrictions, the corona is gone and therefore neglect to follow the health practices.”

The Friday imam of Bandar Abbas said, with the cooperation of the people of Hormozgan and the observance of health protocols, the conditions of Hormozgan have improved on a national scale.

Ebadizadeh, called on the people of Hormozgan to collaborate continually and observe the health procedures and said: “With the cooperation of the people, the number of casualties can be reduced so that various commercial and recreational centers do not remain closed.”

Referring to the problems of Hormoz Island, he said: “An incident has been happening on Hormoz Island for several years that no thought or measure has been taken for it. Unfortunately, we see that they have polluted the shores of Hormoz Island. According to studies, these people are not even from here, [they] are organized from other provinces, amongst them various groups of Baha’is and Satanists, with certain symbols, are present and have presented themselves in the Island of Martyrs (Hormoz). The Friday Imam of Bandar Abbas added: “These organized and managed groups of different sects, are parading on the island of Hormoz.”

The Friday Imam of Bandar Abbas stated: The officials should pay special attention to Hormoz. Unfortunately, the coastal routes on this island are not clearly visible and this causes the spread of corruption. Ebadizadeh said: “By bringing the street around the island closer [to the shore], the security will be enhanced and by building women’s beaches in different parts of Hormozgan, good grounds will be provided for women’s recreation.”