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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 24 Azar 1360 [15 December 1981]

Number: 60078

When responding, please [indicate] this number


In the Name of God

Mellat Bank

Centre: Tehran

Open Letter


[Emblem]: Bank Mellat


Subject: Freezing bank accounts

According to communication letter number 30/16476, dated 3 Azar 1360 [24 November 1981] from the public prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic, together with letter number 3603/NB, dated 9 Azar 1360 [30 November 1981] of the Committee for Supervision of Banking Affairs, this office has been advised that it is imperative to freeze all the accounts, and declare the account balances of the individuals mentioned below to the Islamic Republic Prosecutor General (Deputy of Economic Affairs); to refrain from any payment due to share value or other investments and also [refrain from] opening any pertinent trust fund. All activities regarding the above should be prevented until the second notice. Advise this office of the result.


  1. Mrs. Shiva Mahmoudi [Asadollah-Zadeh]  [daughter] of Khanlar, with identification number [redacted]
  2. Fathollah Ferdowsi, son of Abu’l-Qasim, with identification number [redacted]
  3. Kourosh Talaie, son of Khalilollah, with identification number [redacted]
  4. Khosrow Mohandesi, son of Reza, with identification number [redacted]
  5. Ataollah Yavari, son of Yadollah, with identification number [redacted]
  6. Shidrokh Amir-Kiya [Bagha], [daughter] of [illegible], with identification number [redacted]
  7. Manouchehr Bagha, son of Aghajan, with identification number [redacted]
  8. Eskandar Azizi, son of Azizollah, with identification number [redacted]
  9. Nejatollah Aminian, son of Eshaq, with identification number [redacted]
  10. Amanollah Zaerpour, son of Habibollah, with identification number [redacted]
  11. Javad Mohammad Nasirabadi, son of Hasan, with identification number [redacted]


Central Legal Office



[Official Stamp with number and date]