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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[18 Ordibehesht 1358 (8 May 1979)]


Telegram to Tehran


The Esteemed Minister of Agriculture – Tehran

On behalf of four hundred displaced farming families, we respectfully inform you that several insurgents and armed members of Tamoradi Tribe of Kohgiluyeh, headed by Habibollah Bahador, with the collaboration of Mir Khodayar Tahmoresi members, attacked our villages to plunder and seize our properties and livestock.  Terrified of assault and slaughter, we were forced to flee to the villages of Falard and the surroundings of Isfahan, leaving behind hundreds of hectares of our farmland, not knowing who has taken over [our properties].  We hereby resort to you, beseeching you, for the sake of God and His Prophet, to restore our safety and the protection of our farms and properties, and to please arrange safe return of these displaced people to take charge of our farmlands; particularly as now is the time for our paddy-fields to be farmed, so that we may once again live safely in our ancestral homes.


Representatives of displaced families in Kata Boyer-Ahmad, refugees in Mahyar – Isfahan