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Date: 16 Aban 1358 [07 November 1979]

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An extraordinary session of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice was held on 16 Aban 1358 [7 November 1979] to hear a request from Dr. Ataollah Eghrari for the return of properties belonging to him and his immediate family members.  After considering the reports, and the documents and evidence in the file, the hearing has concluded and the judgment is as follows:


Court Verdict

Reports and documents in the file suggest that Ataollah Eghrari has been in close contact with the Nawnahalan Company and its subsidiaries.  The activities of said company have focused on strengthening and empowering Zionism and its Iranian puppet regime, and as the founders and shareholders and affiliated [illegible], including Eghrari, with the support and aid of the former regime and also influential Zionists, [illegible] have plundered properties of the people and the Public Treasury, their properties [Mr. Eghrari and his family’s], in fact, belong to the nation.  The Court, having considered the foregoing, is satisfied with the request of the Foundation for the Poor on behalf of [illegible] nation with respect to the confiscation of the properties of Ataollah Eghrari and his immediate family members, and also the properties [illegible] obtained unlawfully by others at his request, and their return [to the nation].  In accordance with Regulation 12 of the Formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts Act, approved by the Islamic Revolutionary Council, the Court hereby issues its verdict, [namely that] the [fixed and intangible property assets] [illegible] belonging to Ataollah Eghrari and his immediate family members (spouse and children), together with the properties of those who have unlawfully obtained their properties from the Public Treasury, be turned over to the Foundation for the Poor for their use and benefit, and declares:

The verdict is final and enforceable.

Legal Counsellor of the Court

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