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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday, 9 Mehr 1358 [1 October 1979], 9 Dhul- Qa’da 1399

[Issue No.:] 10820

[Page:] 9


SAVAK’s Staff Denied Their Charges

Gholam Abbas Sharafi:

“I always served at the borders since I did not want to be involved in arresting the youth”….

Following the closure of the defence of [Mr.] Ayyub Saghi, [Mr.] Gholam Abbas Sharafi started his defence. He said, “During my service at SAVAK, I have never committed any act against humanity or religion; I have never attempted to strengthen the foundations of the past regime. I always strove to assist the mujahidin and campaigners, and in most cases, as much as I could, I walked in the path of Islam, our sacred religion, and assisted [the religion]. Under all these conditions, I started fighting this individual and implemented the required activities. About this particular issue, I have many witnesses, including the Imam Jama’at of Tayyibat of that time, who is my witness.

As a result of my belief in propagating Islam, and in order to fight Bahaism, I invited a young engineer to Tayyibat, who had a good [knowledge] of Islam and knew how to reject Bahaism, and [I] instructed him to guide the residents. I organized a program at the big mosque of the city, where this young engineer was going to be present, and at the same time I invited a Baha’i propagator named Sharifi to debate with him. At the beginning, he refused, but later on he agreed to attend the debate. During the debate, as Sharifi could not compete with this young engineer [or] convince him, he promised to stop propagating [Bahaism] by signing a commitment. This was another activity which I undertook, although I was known to be a [member of the] SAVAK staff.

In addition to all of the residents of the town, who are my witnesses, the former Tayyibat police chief can testify to this.