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Ministry of the Interior

Law Enforcement Division

Date:  4/2/1329[24 April1950]

Number:  1316/N/887/M




Distinguished Prime Minister,


With reference to letter number 1485 – 6 Farvardin 1329 [26 March 1950], containing the telegram from the residents of Golpaygan about the murder of Dr. Berjis, as was conveyed to you through [letter] number 83647/18036 - 23 Esfand 1328 [14 March 1950], the accused and their file have been sent to the Tehran Branch of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.  So as to enforce your directive number 2263/4- 16 Farvardin 1329 [5 April 1949] and in order to resolve the conflict and the complaints of the residents of the cities and to safeguard discipline in all localities, all Governor Generals and Governors have been directed to prevent any propagation [of their Faith] or protest by the Baha’is.


Minister of the Interior




[Handwritten note 1:] Number 331/4 – 5/2/ 1329, [25 April 1950]

[Handwritten note 2:] Records 5/2/ [1329]

[Handwritten note 3:] Read.  No action needed, 6/2/1329 [26 April 1950]