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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarter

Date: 19 Bahman 1328 [8 February 1950]

Number: 2


Honourable General, Commander of the National Police Force,


It is respectfully submitted that through review of the relevant file of the murder of Dr. Berjis, and after contacting the public prosecutor, and with careful review, the police report was confirmed. In addition, your orders in connection with speedy completion of the case were stressed and conveyed to the head of the police force and the public prosecutor. Colonel Sari Aslani, the special investigator from headquarters, together with the head of the police, are currently busy examining and following up on the matter. After the receipt of their conclusion, the report will be provided to you. The condition of the town is normal. For now, there is no cause to be worried.


Colonel Irvani


This is a true copy of the original,


19 Bahman 1328 [8 February 1950]