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Ministry of Interior

Law Enforcement Office

Date: 11 Mehr 1325 [3 October 1946]

[Number: 422230/N/16898]

Enclosure: the same [letter] returned

8491-24 Tir 1325 [15 July 1946],


Ministry of the Interior, Office of Police Forces


Pursuant to letter number 27-/13618, dated 9 Shahrivar 1325 [31 August 1946], along with returning the petition of Sabeti and Rezvani and a few other individuals who have complained about Mirza Hosein Esteyla, we hereby convey the following: The subject is related to the incident of the 8th of Tir and the conflicts between the Baha’is and Muslims.  The proceedings and actions taken have been reported at length under numbers 6483- 13 Mordad 1325 [4 August 1946] and 6497- 7 Mordad 1325 [29 July 1946], and emphasis has been placed on following up on the matter and prosecuting the perpetrators.  A copy of the petition has also been sent to the Birjand Governor’s Office for information and follow-up.


From the Governor General of the 9th Province


42230 N/16898- 11 Mehr 1325 [3 October 1946]; Contains enclosure

The above copy is hereby sent to the Office of the Prime Minister along with [letter] number 3960-/2- 24 Mordad 1325 [15 August 1946], for information purposes.


[Margin 1:] Mr. Davoudi.

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Arrival at the Prime Minister’s Office, Number: 25685, Date: 14 Mehr 1325].

[Margin 3:] To be filed, 17 Mehr 1325 [9 October 1946].