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Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department [illegible]


In the Name of God


The Honourable Head of the Public Court of the Kiasar District

Subject: Request for Judicial Detention

With greetings,

I respectfully send, attached, the map of the encroached upon national lands called Roshan Kouh, which, in accordance with the provisions of Article 56 of the Law for Protection and Utilization of Forests and Rangelands and Watershed, have been recognized as national property and have become the definite property of the government.

In relation to dealing with and preventing the confiscation of national and natural resources, following the addendum of Article 55 of the Law on Protection and Utilization of Forests and Rangelands of the country, orders of the supreme leader and head of the Judiciary―and according to previous reports, with the assistance and cooperation of Your Excellency, who issued orders to gather any effects of possession, encroachment and its various divisions and to reinstate them in the Bayt al-Mal[1]―,Mr. Touraj Jafari, son of Abdolmisagh; 2- Rouhollah Imani, son of Rowshan; 3- Hezbollah Khosravi, son of Rajab-Ali; 4- Saied Khan-Yaghma, son of Masoud; 5- Ardeshir Moslemi; each without obtaining a permit, embarked on occupying a section of the national and natural lands called [illegible].

According to the descriptive drawings of the engineering unit sent separately, please [illegible] it is requested to grant the addendum of Article 55 of the Law on the Protection of Judicial Commission [rogatory commissions[2]], and, in coordination with the respected police station, take action to end the occupation of the above-mentioned individuals. Clearly, the relevant minutes will be submitted to that esteemed official.

Your Excellency’s favourable order is already appreciated.

[Illegible] Hejazian

Head of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department of Sari City

By Seyyed Mostafa Alavi [signature]


[Stamp of the Secretariat of Sari Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]




[1] [Bayt al-Mal is an Arabic term that is translated as “house of money” or “house of wealth”. Historically, it was a financial institution responsible for the administration of taxes in Islamic states, particularly in the early Islamic Caliphate]

[2] [Rogatory commission:  Referring the review of a case/or cross examination of a witness from one judge to another.]